Walls Photography | Lee Walls | Birmingham, Alabama Photographer


b. 1986, HK.


Been doing this for a bit. I had hair when I started, back when you made your dodging and burning tools from cardboard, and if your local camera store ran out of Dektol you were in a jam because there was no such thing as B&H Photo and overnight delivery “one click away.” I’ve won some awards — they are in a box somewhere — and I was included in a book about “master” photographers. Unfortunately it’s only looked at by other photographers. (Hint: It’s of no help because photographers generally don’t hire photographers.)

I get around for assignments — NYC, Miami, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, et al.. — and I’m based out of Birmingham, Ala. I shoot commercial/advertising, editorial, sports, portrait/beauty, fashion (editorial and commercial), some seniors, concerts, the occasional youngster (some only hours old), and a few brides have wandered into the studio for portraits that are NOT done on their big day (less stress on everyone). Look around the site, drop me a line, let’s work.